"My services will help you develop you story and present it in a clear and engaging way with the use of sketches, illustrations or animation."


Session sketching


I will sit on the sideline during your meeting to translate ideas, discussions, problems, visions or other subject themes into quick sketches. These sketches make abstract ideas concrete and easy to share.



Together we will design one or more visuals that captures the complexity of your story in a simple and understandable way. By following an iterative design process the story will evolve, leaving out redundant details and getting to the core of the message. The final product can be (a) big visual(s), a power point presentation or an animation.




Animation is a rich, efficient medium that can communicate complex stories in a short amount of time and in great detail.  A movie is easy to share and can be played repeatedly from any location, allowing it to reach many people.




Iterative design process

The first draft is never perfect. To come to the best result, it is common to work through multiple iterations (trial and error). The length of this process can be different per project, ranging from one session to multiple sessions over a period of weeks. This mainly depends on the complexity of the project and the chosen medium.







My name is Jelle van der Vegt and I have always been passionate about drawing. Since 2010 I have been active as a freelance visualiser. I have completed three design degrees: a Bachelor Urban Design (2007) at NHL in Leeuwarden and a Bachelor and Master Industrial Design (2015) at the Technical University in Delft.





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